Day in, day out, we set ourselves the goal of being there for our employees, offering a family atmosphere despite stress and pressure. If you’re ready to bring us your personal best, we’re ready to offer you a safe, friendly and exciting home-from-home with great prospects.

We look forward to receiving your application with photo and references.



Here we don’t just live the famous American concept of openness, we celebrate it! This is how we do things: a warm greeting, a personal introduction, a cheeky word or a brief flirtation are all part of the deal, and help set the atmosphere. All too often, Zurich’s restaurant landscape offers little more than Calvinist restraint and reserve. In Helvti Diner that attitude is most definitely passé.

We want to be like a second family to our employees and believe that our team-oriented approach inspires first-class performance, even under stress and pressure, and that this is something the guests will come to appreciate as well.