«Welcome to join the Brooklyn Beer Party»

Brooklyn Beer wurde ursprünglich von einem Brauerei-Team - für ein Brauerei-Team gebraut, bevor der unvergleichliche Flavor immer mehr Fans begeisterte. Darum wäre ein Leben ohne Geschmack und Bier für Haben Berhe auch trostlos. Im exklusiven Interview verrät der Director Field Marketing Europe bei Brooklyn Brewery mehr über hippe Biertrinker, Craft Brauereien in den USA und welches Bier zu unseren Burgern passt. (Interview in english)



What does taste mean to you?

For me life would be so boring without taste. Not only taste in beverages and food but in life in general. Once personal taste is what steers you towards his/hers choices. So no taste equals boring life….. and lousy beer ;)


How do you describe the distinctive Brooklyn Flavor?

Since we have brewed so many and so many different styles of beers it would be hard to define a specific “Brooklyn Flavor”, but there are some things that you will always find in our beers. Garrett Olivers, Brewmaster Brooklyn Brewery, brewing philosophy is to mix traditional brewing with innovation. Being inspired of old techniques and flavours and mixing it up with things that haven’t been done before. He loves to explore what can be created but at the same time respects whats already been done so extremely well. Also, we have something thats called the “4 pint rule”, which means that you should always be able to drink 4 pints of our beers. And lastly is “The lower 3rd rule”, which entitles that the last 3rd part of the beer in your glass must taste exactly as good as the first parts. Basically, the beer needs to be consistent throughout the whole experience. So in three words we would describe that all our beers have «Balance, Structure and Elegance.»


Who is Brooklyn Beer brewed for? Is there a typical Brooklyn Beer drinker? 

It is brewed by the brewing team for the brewing team. Fortunately more and more people seem to like our beers and everyone is welcome to join the party! So I wouldn’t narrow it down and say that there is a typical Brooklyn beer drinker, but it is probably a curious person.

«Burger and Brooklyn Lager. Nuff said.»

Which beer would be best with a high-quality burger?

Brooklyn Lager. Nuff said.


How does your beer come from Brooklyn to Switzerland and Helvti Diner?

Our beers coming from the States are either brewed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn or upstate NY. They are then tankered and filled in kegs, bottles and cans and shipped over by boat to Europe. Im not 100% sure how they reach Helvti but Im guessing there is another boat involved and then probably a truck. Next time I’m in Zürich I will hand deliver some specialty bottles from my private collection to Helvti Diner!


For most people in Europe, America is less known for its beer tradition. Why? Is that an advantage or a disadvantage?

Im not so sure if that is true anymore. Recent years the craft beer revolution has really put its mark both domestically in America but also now in Europe and other parts of the world. Wherever I travel in Europe, whether it is in Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia or Poland you see that the number of craft breweries (both local and american) has just exploded and they are taking more and more shell spaces in both bars, restaurants and in your local store. 


Brooklyn Brewery is considered a craft brewery in the USA. Are small breweries hip?

Haha, don’t really know how to answer that question honestly. I guess whatever is hip or not is in the eye of the beholder. There are definitely lots of craft breweries in the States (last time I checked it was over 6000 breweries including brewpubs) and there are probably plenty of those that are smaller and also considered more «hip» than us. But we don’t really tend to that as much, we just brew what we like and try to stay true to ourselves and to our Brooklyn heritage.


Which typical Swiss characteristic do you like?

I’ve always found the Swiss being a curios people, which is something I like very much. With great curiosity comes great inventions. So many has come from Switzerland but from all, oddly enough, the one that I’ve been very thankful for is the potato peeler! I cook a lot food and I’ve hade great use for that little sucker!


Three occasions or events when beer wouldn't fit? 

Hrrmmm, I had to think quite some while for this one… but I would say 1. While driving a motor vehicle, 2. Early in the morning and 3. While driving a motor vehicle (although non-alco beer could work).


Cheers Haben, and thanks for this awesome interview.