«My all time favorite wine? The next bottle!»

In vino veritas - wer schon über Zehntausend Flaschen Wein getrunken hat, muss es wissen. Dave Guffy ist seit 20 Jahren Chief Winemaker der Hess Collection Winery aus Kalifornien. Was die Hess Weine auszeichnet und weshalb er zu einem Burger einen guten Rotwein trinkt, erzählt der passionierte Winemaker in unserem exklusiven it’s a matter of taste Interview.

(Dieses Interview ist auf englisch)


What does taste mean to you?

If we are talking about wine taste is the overall sensation you experience with. Aroma + Flavor = Taste!


What makes Hess wine unique and delightful?

Wine is the sum of place, people and the countless decisions that are made in the growing and making of a bottle of wine. Our Mount Veeder wines offer a unique mountain growing condition that set themselves apart from the rest of Napa Valley.


To which kind of food or occasions fits Hess wines especially?

Good question! Our mountain terroir creates wines that are slightly higher in acidity so therefore matches well with dishes full in flavor. I like to celebrate the everyday with wine!


What kind of beverage do you recommend to pair a tasty high quality beef burger with?

When I was younger I preferred a beer with my burger but now it has to be wine. Usually red but I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed a Chardonnay with a burger in an emergency!


Why should a guest in our American diner order wine instead of beer?

Wine is simply the best beverage to pair with food. Slam dunk for a good bottle of red.


What wine trends do you expect to see this summer?

I don’t know if it’s trendy but my go to summer wine is Sauvignon Blanc. Well chilled it’s beautifully refreshing on a warm day!


Do you also like Swiss wine?

Absolutely! I’ve met some great people and had some good times enjoying some Chasselas and Pinot Noirs - usually paired with raclette.


What’s your expert advice for Swiss wine producers? What could they learn from you?

My approach/advise to any wine region is to not model yourself after any classic wine styles from other areas but rather find the grape(s) that excel in your region and turn up the volume!


What’s your all time favorite wine?

My next bottle.


How many bottles of wine have you drunk in your life? ;-)

Well I’m not done yet… but I’ve gotta be in the 10K club!

Cheers, Dave! Thank you very much for your inspiring answers. 

More about HESS Wine Collection: www.hesscollection.com


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