Events im Helvti Diner - the iDeal Match

Vor 5 Jahren erblickte ein kleines Unternehmen das Licht der Welt, heute ist iDeal of Sweden in über 50 Nationen vertreten. Beim Launch ihrer neuen Kollektion im Helvti Diner Bellevue durften wir Elin, Social Commerce Coordinator bei iDeal, ein paar kurze Fragen stellen.

(Interview in English)


What is iDeal of Sweden?

iDeal of Sweden is a Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand specialized in mobile accressories. We are doing collaboriations with influencers, some of them already designed some items themselves. iDeal was founded in 2013 and now we have retailers in over 50 countries.

Why is your event taking place at Helvti Diner Bellevue? 

Me and my colleague are responsible for the Swiss market and got told that the next event is going to take place in Switzerland. We wanted a cool place that fits to iDeal of Sweden and we love brunches. When we saw this place in the pictures we immediately fell in love with it and thought: Yes, that's the perfect place! It was love on the first sight. We came here because the diner has style - like a real iDeal. 

Have you already been here at Helvti Diner or is it your first time?

It's mir first time here at Helvti Diner Bellevue and it's even better than in the photos.

Our slogan is "It's a matter of taste". What does taste mean for you?

That's a hard questions as taste might be something different for me than for you. But I think for iDeal it should always have something for everyone and we're tryling to follow the trends but still want to beunique so that you see it is iDeal of Sweden without reading the logo. It should always be glorious, elegant, you should see that's iDeal.

Dear Elin, thank you so much for that interview and thank you for choosing Helvti Diner for your event.

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