The Classic Angus

Our bestselling “Classic Angus” is made of 100% Angus beef from cows that spend the whole summer on grass meadows high above Lake Lucerne. Free-range farming, healthy feed and the sensitive preparation in the Holzen family business result in an Angus hamburger of exceptional aroma and unrivalled quality. Its coarse texture and tender, juicy bite put it in a class of its own.

All our hamburgers are developed exclusively for the Helvti Diner and are made from 100% beef. And they’re all completely free of additives such as binding agents, flavour enhancers or spices. To customise your meal, specify how you would like your hamburger done. 

Our tip? “Rare” or “medium-rare” will ensure you make the most of that great meat taste.

Put it between a bun made exclusively for us by the St. Jakob workshop for the disabled in Zurich, add a choice of four home-made sauces and extra toppings, and you have your own personal hamburger masterpiece.

The Diner Dog

Behold our creation: a rolled-up sausage grilled with a choice of toppings – sauerkraut and honey mustard (“The French”) or fried onions and cheese (“The American”) between two buns cooked to our own recipe. Naturally purists can still enjoy the classic version with mustard and ketchup as well.

The sausages are made exclusively for us and come in a choice of beef or pork. We think the three different compositions offer the most intensive and harmonious taste combinations – we’ve reinvented the hot dog!

Our Bagels and Sandwiches

We are particularly proud of our own creations and interpretations of renowned classics. That means famous Pastrami with smoked beef and honey mustard, or the Philly Cheese with warm beef and tender, melted cheddar cheese or even the Diner Chicken, which combines a tender chicken breast with avocado, salad and our home-made BBQ sauce. Once again, all buns are made for us under own recipe by the St. Jakob workshop for the disabled here in Zurich.

Oh, and as well as our sandwiches you can also treat yourself to delicious bagels, like the “Reuben” with smoked beef, sauerkraut and classic Russian sauce.

Our Salads

Healthy doesn’t have to mean humdrum. Not when you have our classic “Caesar Salad”, served with tender whole chicken breast on a creamy Caesar sauce and fresh lettuce, or the “Diner Special Salad” with Mac and Cheese (macaroni balls filled with cheddar cheese) served with a mixed salad. Naturally you can also order a salad on the side to lend a fresh kick to any meal.

Our Cheese Cake

You may have noticed a cheese cake renaissance going on, but we’re not being mucking about when we say that our home-made, tender, creamy Helvti Diner cheese cake is among the finest this city has to offer. Topped with fresh berries and coulis, this is one to gladden the heart of dessert devotees everywhere.

Our homemade cupcakes, too, are available in different flavours, joined by the new, warm raspberry muffin with double cream, a real flavour burst to round out any meal with a flourish.

Our Milkshakes

Our milkshakes are made with three scoops of fresh ice creams and milk, mixed for you on the spot. Absolutely not, in other words, a ready-made product we just pour out. And the taste is that much more intense, and fresh, with a delightfully creamy end note. 

"A Milkshake a day makes you laugh and keeps sorrows away!"